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Indentions on an otherwise smooth face can make you feel unattractive or unsightly. Whether they’re acne scars, dimples, or wrinkles, Bellafill® injections at Facial Art Institute in Oklahoma City can give you the smooth, flat skin of your dreams for years at a time. To find out exactly what Bellafill can do for your major skin texture concerns, call Facial Art Institute, or book your appointment online today.

Bellafill Q & A

What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is an injectable dermal filler with two main components: collagen and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) spheres. The collagen in Bellafill is derived from cows but works in the same way as your own collagen. It’s a fibrous protein that keeps your skin strong, elastic, and supple. 

The PMMA spheres are suspended in the collagen base and provide a structural framework for your own collagen to grow around, slowly replacing Bellafill’s collagen. This process lets you see your results immediately after the injections and keep enjoying them for a long time. It also prevents filler fatigue, which happens when your body absorbs fillers quickly.

What does Bellafill treat?

Like other dermal fillers, Bellafill works great to fill in facial creases and wrinkles. It’s especially effective for treating nasolabial folds, which run down from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth. 

Unlike its competitors, Bellafill can also reduce the appearance of slight yet significant acne scars on your skin. Acne scars are depressed, permanent (but treatable) scars that appear on your skin after particularly severe cases of acne. You’re especially at risk of getting them if you form scars easily or if you like to pick or pop your pimples.

How long do the results of Bellafill last?

The amount of time that your Bellafill results last depend on what you’re using it to treat. For nasolabial folds and other wrinkles, Bellafill can last for five years or more. Most patients who use Bellafill for acne scars enjoy smoother-looking skin for about a year. 

If you’re happy with the results of your injections, your Facial Art Institute can help you book future injections to keep enjoying your smoother skin.

Am I a good candidate for Bellafill injections?

Bellafill is a great filler option for many patients. Your provider at Facial Art Institute decides whether or not you can safely get the injections based on several criteria. You might be considered a Bellafill candidate if:

  • You’re over 21
  • You have no severe allergies
  • You don’t have a skin condition that causes excessive scarring
  • A preemptive skin test doesn’t cause a reaction

You might need to stop taking some medications before the procedure to ensure that you won’t bleed excessively or bruise because of the injections. 

If bumpy skin or prominent folds distract you from your natural allure, don’t hesitate to call Facial Art Institute for a Bellafill consultation, or book one online today.