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Maintaining your skin and hair health doesn’t just mean that you get to look revitalized and gorgeous (though you do). It also means extending the longevity of your skin, hair, and often your overall health. The experts at Facial Art Institute in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, can recommend customizable products for your skin, hair, and lashes to make them look great and stay healthy. To explore products for your skin and hair issues, call Facial Art Institute, or book your appointment online today.

Maintenance Q & A

What does skin maintenance involve?

After a skin care procedure at Facial Art Institute, you’ll need to take some extra steps if you want to get the most out of your treatment. Taking such steps helps you enjoy your results for longer and can help prevent further damage to your skin.

To keep looking your best after Botox®, fillers, microneedling, dermaplaning, and other available treatments, your provider may recommend that you:

  • Stay out of the sun entirely
  • Use sunscreen religiously
  • Avoid tanning beds
  • Avoid taking long or hot baths
  • Stop smoking
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Stay clean
  • Use moisturizers

Very importantly, you’ll need to add some products to your skin and hair care regimen. Your provider recommends products to you based on your skin type, skin concerns, and any recent treatments that you got. These products help to moisturize, cleanse, or otherwise maintain your skin’s tone and texture.

Why is maintenance important outside of treatment?

Your skin and hair act as a wall between the delicate inside organs of your body and harsh environmental factors like chemicals, the sun, dirt, and bacteria. If you don’t take good care of your skin, it becomes more susceptible to damage, ultimately letting invaders in through injuries and infections. 

Additionally, many patients find that following a proper skin and hair maintenance routine helps them look younger. Their skin stays plump and moisturized, their head stays full of hair, and they ultimately need fewer treatments to look their best. 

What maintenance products are available?

Facial Art Institute offers many gold-standard maintenance products for purchase at the practice. Your provider can guide you to products that will benefit your skin and hair the most or enhance the results of your procedures. 

You can get:


Volumique is a system of products for hair loss patients. If you’re balding or thinning, Volumique’s shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment work together to help you grow a lustrous head of hair back.


Latisse is a specialized serum to grow your eyelashes. Your lashes have an important role in protecting your eyes from dust and debris, and strengthening them also gives your eyes a more attractive appearance.


Nutrafol is a personalizable line of hair strengthening and thickening products. You’ll see faster hair growth and thicker hair in no time, making you look younger and feel confident in the way you look.

Tretinoin cream

Tretinoin creams and lotions help minimize lines, wrinkles, acne, and other skin imperfections. Available in a 20-gram tube, you’ll see more radiant and clear skin in no time while using this product.

To find products that are appropriate for your skin and hair and won’t cause unwarranted damage, stop by Facial Art Institute, or book your appointment by phone or online today.