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Facial Art Institute

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Acne scars peppered across your face are difficult to cover with makeup and can leave you feeling self-conscious and unhappy. At Facial Art Institute in Oklahoma City, you can get gentle, but effective, skin-rejuvenating Precision SkinPen® treatments with the innovative microneedling device by Bellus Medical. To get SkinPen microneedling with or without platelet-rich plasma (PRP), request your appointment by phone or online today.

Skin Pen Q & A

What is SkinPen?

SkinPen is an FDA-approved microneedling device that helps to heal your skin by creating tiny injuries that stimulate your natural healing capabilities. The Precision system allows your provider to make even and consistent punctures across your skin’s surface without causing too much damage that could result in scarring. 

SkinPen’s process can be divided into three phases:

Phase one

During phase one, the set of needles at the tip of the pen pierces your skin. The injuries that it causes triggers your body’s inflammatory response, with blood flow increasing to the area as your immune system kicks in to clean and disinfect.

Phase two

During phase two, your body begins to rebuild the injured spots with new tissue and blood vessels.

Phase three

During phase three, your skin and tissues heal entirely. The new tissue is thick and durable to diminish old scars and blemishes.

What do the results of SkinPen treatments look like?

Like most microneedling procedures, SkinPen helps to heal scars and blemishes while improving the overall tone and texture of your skin. The treatment is specifically designed to heal acne scars, giving your skin a flatter and more even finish. 

Overall, your skin takes on a younger, refreshed appearance with fewer indentations. It may also have fewer fine lines and small wrinkles after several SkinPen Precision treatments. 

How does SkinPen work with PRP?

At Facial Art Institute, you can get SkinPen treatments with or without PRP, which is a therapeutic substance derived from your own blood with a high concentration of all of the components that help your body heal. 

To get your PRP, your provider at Facial Art Institute first draws some of your blood. They place it in a spinning device that makes the different cell types separate into layers. The layer containing only platelets (cells that clot your blood) and growth factors (proteins that aid in the healing process) is removed and prepared for application.

After SkinPen microneedling, your provider spreads the PRP across your face, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the needle point injuries. The PRP helps heal your skin faster and gives it brightness and a more even tone. 

If your bumpy and dimpled skin gives you a constant reminder of acne breakouts in your past, call Facial Art Institute, or book an appointment online for SkinPen microneedling today.